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Well, setelah analytical exposition, beranjak ke saudaranya yaitu hortatory expositon. 

Dalam text ini, lebih ditekankan pada argumen yang seharusnya atau tidak seharusnya dilakukan, tetap saja sama-sama membujuk.

Berikut sajian tentang HORTATORY EXPOSITION:

1.       Purpose                               : to persuade that something shoul or should not be the case
2.       Generic structures         
a.       Thesis                           : stating an issue
b.      Arguments                 : giving reasons for concern, leading recommendation
c.       Recommendation    : suggesting what ought to or ought not to happen
3.       Language features
a.       Emotive words                                          : alarmed, worried, etc
b.      Words that qualify statement
c.       Words that link arguments
d.      Usually present tense
e.      Compund and complex sentences
f.        Modal auxiliary                                         : should, can, may, must, etc
Country Concern

        In all the discussion over the removal of lead from petrol (and the atmosphere) there doesn’t seem to have been any mention of the difference between driving in the city and the country.
        While I realize my leaded petrol car is polluting the air wherever I drive, I feel that when you travel through the country, where you only see another car every five to ten minutes, the problem is not as severe as when traffic is concentrated on city
        Those who want to penalize older, leaded petrol vehicles and their owners don’t seem to appreciate that, in the country, there is no public transport to fall back upon and one’s own vehicle is the only way to get about.
        I feel that country people, who often have to travel huge distances to the nearest town and who already spend a great deal of money on petrol, should be treated differently to the people who live in the city.

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