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[REVIEW] Esene Whitening Face Cleanser

Hello, today I will try to write in English. Although my English is a meh LOL I'm going to review my ex-favourite cleansing foam, Esene Face Cleanser. A cleansing foam from Brand Esene. Sound strange, huh? Yeah, a little difficult to find this cleanser in supermarket. I bought it online from seller in Medan. But, few weeks ago I saw this in guardian. didn't know before that I could find this in Drugstore and just keep buying from far away. LOL At first my mom bought me this cleanser. I got a acne line that came with 3 product inside the package, an acne day-night cream, acne water and the cleanser. 

Plain white color tube
 The product comes in a 70ml tube (2.45 fl.oz) that's I think not cute at all. The design is just an ordinary design that make me remember of a tube of drug. LOL

What it claims:
It completely remove the dirt, leave your skin mild and moist also give you healthy skin.
Skin type:
All Skin type
How to use:
Splash water on your face, massage gently with circular motion Rinse thoroughly.
But in fact I just squeze an amount of it into my hand and lather it up with puff. It easily foams up and then I apply and massage the foam on my wet face. Rinse with water.

Sorry for the bad quality picture >.<
This cleanser is shiny white in color and the fragrance is not so strong but kinda weird. I couldn't tell what scent it is. Although I did see a word fragrance or perfume in the ingredient list but I just can smell that weird scent is like a smell of drug/detergen. The foams really mild and gentle without any grain or tiny scrub. I only need a little amount to lather it up. So a little goes a long way though and I like it because it saves my wallet I mean my money. LOL All I can say is it left my skin feels very clean and moisturized although sometime I felt kinda 'tight' on my face when my face is dry. Also it gives me a temporary brightening effect after using it.

I didn't get any breakout and I just finished my 3rd tube this evening.

What I like:
- It does it's job to clean my face well
- Leave my skin mild and moist
- a little goes a long way
- Didn't give any breakout
- Brightening effect

What I didn't like:
- Sometimes I felt tightness (especially when my face is dry)
- contains 2 type of paraben
- Don't like the smell

Recommended: Yes
Repurchase: No, I just want to try another cleanser, get bored of this hehe

Disclaimer: Review is made base on my own opinion, the result can be different for each person. Everyone have their own opinion for a product. I bought the 
product with my own money, did not paid from anyone.
CuanX :o)

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