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Etude House AC Clinic Daily Cleanser Cleansing Foam Review

I have read many positif review that AC Clinic line from Etude House is good for getting rid of acne. So I bought the trial kit to try hoping it can drag my acne away from my lovely face. I was almost hopeless for getting never ending acne since 2 years ago. I've tried many product only for my annoying acne but nothing worked for me.

As I noticed before, no product made me satisfied. So I didn't have high expectation for this product but it's still worth to try since Etude House never failed me. Yes, I'm one of their fan ^^

The kit contained 5 product in mini size. Yah, what size you can imagine for a trial. The five product are AC Clinic Daily Cleanser 30 ml which the one I'm going to review, AC Clinic Daily Toner 25 ml, AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion 25 ml, AC Clinic Sun BB Cream, and the last is AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot. They came in a lovely pouch.

So let's jump to the review, I'll review the other product next time depend on my mood hehe

Let's check the product out

This is the empty tube, I forgot to take a snap when it still new, haha
I snap this picture at the end of it's life. Looks awful? I know!

This cleansing foam come in 30 ml tube in size. Very travel friendly and last enough for 2-3 weeks for me.
The packaging is not cute at all. I thing because it design for medicine purpose and yeah it looks like a medicine, at least for me. It has a tiny picture of a girl having a pimple in her cheek in front of the tube.

The back side of the tube. All written in Korean which is a big don't know for me, I don't understand it at all

The texture is much like creamy-lotion in white colour. Very soft and no bead-scrub-like in it.
It's very easy to foams up. The foam is not very thick.

I used it twice a day, morning and night.

Unfortunately, after 3 weeks using it, I see nothing special on my skin. No different than before. It gave no breakout as it claimed non comedogenic means it will not aggregate any pimple. So, I was just fine. No drying, no tightness, quite moisturizing. But I think it will to those who have dry skin.

I'm not so happy with this cleanser, I didn't feel it did a deep cleansing on my face because after washing, I wipe my face with toner and see it still left some dirts on the cotton. I guess the cleansing power is just so so.

Overall, I still recommend this product because it gives me no breakout, non comedogenic so for those who have sensitive skin can also try this. Also this is very mild and soft.


  • no breakout
  • lather up pretty much
  • natural scent, although it's like a herb
  • mild and soft

  • not really deep cleansing


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